Financial Services by Merchant Channels

This is a preview page of the various financial services provided by Merchant Channels. Yes, we are open to direct foreign investment. However, all inquiries regarding business ownership, investment and permanent residency in Australia should be directed towards our visa partners: Equiborder.

Investment Banking

Our process is designed to educate and motivate businesses to become as independent as they can. Our program enables executives and managers to become their own risk managers. Transforming management decisions into profit-centrist decisions.  We often will partner with entrepreneurs with strong track records of success. Read more about Investment Banking…..

Construction Finance

We are looking for builders, developers and local planners to join our referral network and business development network. We encourage a chain-referral system to encourage team work and solid relationship building. No finance solution is complete with a sound team. As with any form of finance you will need to satisfy a number of fundamentals criteria. Read more about Construction Finance

Commercial Finance

We provide a combination of secured and unsecured finance options for the right business with the right fundamentals. However, if you are a start up we may waive the required fundamentals in exchange for equity. We encourage inquiries from shipping, import and export companies. Read more about Commercial Finance