Your very own personal banker and finance concierge.

The construction industry is dominated by the big banks which have been the target of what seems to be endless scrutiny from the royal commission. Merchant Channels is a commercial focused broker with the mission to disrupt the construction industry.

We understand the financial strain and artificial demand in housing puts pressure on developers to continually innovate and take bigger risks then before. This is why we wanted to innovate and change the experience that construction companies, builders and skilled tradesman have when they interface with the banks. We want to become the lifeblood of the construction industry and innovate ways to mitigate risks for investors by disrupting the way industry thinks about construction finance.

Find out how we are disrupting the finance industry and continually innovating.

Investment Banking

Key negotiation skills and partnerships enable us to guide your business deals into fruition. We make deals happen on schedule and are able to manage project finance from signature to occupational certificate. Read more about Investment Banking….

Construction Finance

If your proposed development has been rejected by the big banks, then we want to hear from you. We accept applications from all builders and developers provided they have development application approval. Read more about Construction Finance….

Commercial Loans

Business-like organizations can only grow without debt provided that the margin for diminishing returns allows it so. We want your business to grow. We have experienced business growth professionals and financiers that want to see your balance sheet sky-rocket. Read more about Commercial Loans….

Our Process

Whilst we are not the big banks, our rules and policies are governed by Know-Your-Client Principles. We strive to make our process efficient, transparent and fast.

Step One: Discovery

The first step is the first meeting, this is what I call “the discovery”. The first meeting is always free. The discovery is about coming to an understanding what we can do for you, why you want our help and for us to explore and find ways to assist you. This means we need to the full picture, including any plans, financials, bank statements and character references. The documents you present should allow us to be confident that what you are presenting is factual, allowing us to move on to the next stage.

Step Two: Research

If we agree to progress to the next stage, the research stage, there are fees involved. Think of this as a necessary expense as it will allow you to find clarity in your plans and explore legitimate funding options.  Any fees will need to be paid before the commencement of the last stage which is our proposal to you.

Step three: Solutions and Problem Solving

Third and last. This is the solutions phase, were we present to you our refined plan and in some cases a partnership proposal that will provide us with the character and security of knowing that you are going to be mentored by experts and have the strongest possibility of securing the funding you desire. Your refined business plan will have a few common traits; re-birthing of your business financials; mentor ship, we hold your hand throughout the process; and We secure funding through traditional routes or Venture Partners. There is no size fits all process, there is no “cookie cutter” solution.

How we can help

Banks operate on an over simplified know your client (KYC) basis. Banks are known to take risks, but like any business they assess risk from an as is criteria meaning there is little room for entrepreneurship or start up funding. We facilitate alternate arrangements on the basis of trust and character. Whilst Capacity is a fundamental factor which can be the difference between an acceptance and a rejection. Having Merchant Channels consult other funding arrangements is more or less your best option.

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B2B Debt Collection

B2B Debt Collection
All business welcome upfront fee is only 1%. Transparent fees.We assist tradespeople and contractors get paid for the unpaid completion of works.We assist professional service businesses and contractors get paid for the unpaid completion of works.We assist hospitality businesses get paid for the unpaid completion of works.Debts older than 12 months? No worries!Dealing with a ‘phoenix company‘? No Worries!

Debts less then $40,000

Only 1% Upfront. Fees Negotiable.

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Debts less then $250,000

Only 1% upfront. Fees Negotiable.

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Debts more then $250,000

Only 1% upfront fee.  Fees Negotiable.

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Commercial Finance

Commercial & Property Finance
Unlock your businesses potential with some flexible funding made available through to your from Merchant Channels Co. Give us a call today so we can arrange a workable solution for you.

Unsecured Business Loans

Unsecured Business loans with attractive interest rates.

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Factoring and Invoice Discounting

Get an advance of up to 80% of the invoice value within 24 hours.

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Commercial Property Loans

Commercial Property loans with attractive interest rates.

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Equipment Lending

Flexible rent to own equipment lending with negotiable rates.

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Import and Export

Secure your import and export business with flexible finance.

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Refer a friend

Leave us your name and write us their details and get $1000 on settlement of their loan.

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Construction Finance

Construction Finance
Mezzanine Finance, Bridging Finance and Construction Finance

Construction Loans

Borrow $2 million or more with attractive interest rates.

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Development Sites

We provide finance for development sites

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Land Banking for Developers

Land loans for developers are also available

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Your Project
No project is complete without a funding partner. We take every client relationship seriously and work to form a lasting partnership with every client. Our professional and ethical duty to clients is an industry first. We provide a client first service and introduce products or services on a need or request basis. No client will ever be sold to if it’s unpractical.
You can reach out to us for a no obligation consultation.

Investment Banking

Investment Banking
You might have a business idea that needs finance or you may want to reform your business model. You are in the right place. Our process is fairly simple. You need to be able to work with us and follow the required process in order for us to assist you.Banks leave little to no room for entrepreneurs to secure the flexible financing they need to get their business idea off the ground. Banks also provide little advice with regards to mentorship, the next step or how to take things to the next level to grow your business, brand or manufacture the product.Merchant Channels Co can assist you with the mentorship, the re-birthing of your financials and prepare your business for partnerships and venture capital.

Reform and Rebrand your business
Your business has reached the late stages of growth and needs access to a new revenue stream within the next 18 months. Your business is at least 5 years old and has the motivation and ambition to enter the Asian markets.You have the financials to support growth but need funding, and the right connections to facilitate the re-branding and expansion of your business. You want to grow your business from 30 employees to 100 within the next two years.Merchant Channels Co has a network of finance and legal professionals that can assist your business in becoming China-friendly. If the above statements are correct, you should get in touch with us right away so we can work out a how we can best assist you.

Partnering and mentor ship services come with a reasonable fee. The agreement is a fairly standard executive / director service agreement. Service fees start from 15K annually.The service fees keep us remunerated for our time and invested within the success of your business. You will find immense value in your partnership as we work with you on a personal and professional level to ensure the success of your business.Whilst we make no guarantees of our partnership or mentor service, we do provide good faith in all of our business transactions.We opt to bill our clients for the first quarter in advance and every quarter in arrears after that. Allowing the client to see first hand the value in our service.

Venture Capital
We Venture Capital comes from a third party source. Normally it’s a managed fund or it’s respective branch from within a bank. Other forms of capital may come from private investors.
Accessing capital is usually the last step in the process because it is the most difficult. To provide entrepreneurs and clients alike with meetings upfront without preparation or the proper vetting of their business tends to not be the most productive expenditure of everyone’s time.
The interest rates are usually aggressive or capital is provided in exchange for a lion’s share of your business. There are more complex options outlined within the respective loan contract however you should be warned that the contracts are extremely complex. Merchant Channels Co can assist you with partnering, mentorship and accessing venture capital at the latest stages.

Structured Finance
If Venture Capital doesn’t sound right for you there are a few options that can assist you right away and that is structured finance. Structured finance is more or less a Key Performance Indicator based financial strategy. The investor will provide you with funds in phases provided that you meet your obligations. Each phase attracts a different interest as the risk is calculated differently. These loan contracts and products are extremely complicated; we can assist you in finding the correct structured finance product for your business.

Accessing China
If you are ambitious and wish to get your business access to China there are several things you and your team need to consider.
The cultural differences in China when it comes to business can come as a bit of a shock. Business is conducted on a trust basis and reputation is worth its weight in gold. Mannerisms are extremely important. When you are meeting someone, you are an ambassador of your country, your business, and your work ethic and it’s extremely important that you are representing yourself in the best light.
What is written on the contract is just as important as what isn’t written on the contract. When conducting business in China and promises made before the drafting of a business proposal needs to be taken into consideration. This means any promises made before or during the drafting of a contract might not be enforceable but your reputation might not be the most attractive and you will become unwelcome as a guest very quickly.
Doing business in China can be a rewarding and life-changing experience for you, your team and your family. You can be treated extremely well or you can be treated not as good. That really depends on the amount of effort, time and money you are willing to invest in your business.
If doing business in China is something that you are considering there are a number of conversations that you will need to have with us to ensure that this is something that you want to do.
We will only take on businesses ventures or projects with organizations that are serious about trading in China and that we assess against our own criteria to have a reasonable chance of success. You can expect that most businesses from Australia, once successful can do very well in monetary terms.

Get in Contact
If your interested do not leave any time to waste. Please email: Jonathon@merchantchannels.co